For the last week (and yesterday) I’ve been cutting classes left and right. It’s just that time of the sem; too many parties, too many events to go to. If I keep this up, I’ll probably fail half of my subjects due to excessive absences. I can’t afford that, not anymore. I need to get back on track.

(But first, Emirata, Rave, and Pats’ debut this weekend! Wooooooooo)

It’s ADHOC: Limitless in a few hours. My third ADHOC in a row. God bless my party soul. 

There’s this really nice spot in the commons of our boarding house where there’s a high chair next to a huge window. It’s at the third floor and there are no huge buildings around to block the view. There, it’s quiet and noisy at the same time. I could see the closed doors of the neighbors, the dark windows of the nearby condominiums, sleeping behind closed gates with security guards running on radio shows and caffeine. I could hear the roaring of vehicles on the midnight street, the occasional blaring of sirens, and sometimes I wonder if they are trying to chase death or outrun it. I love sitting there—in fact I’m sitting there right now—where I could see the city night sky that’s always too bright around the edges. As usual I could see no stars, but for tonight I guess airplanes would suffice. 

he tasted like alcohol and sin 

And So We Had That Reunion

And it was crazy. I never imagined it to end up like that.

My grade school life and my high school/college life are like the two ends of a spectrum. They’re completely different worlds. Last night proved how different it really was.

I had a blast. I never expected it to be so awesome; I haven’t had that much fun for so long. And it felt like nothing changed even though actually a lot had changed. Okay that was confusing hahaha. It’s like, you know, we all changed so much, but we didn’t dwell on that fact for long. We just moved on and acted like we just saw each other yesterday. How awesome is that? Hahaha. Seeing them made me realize how much I really missed them. It feels like I’ve reunited with that another part of myself, the Jonalyn before she became a Ruralite and an Iska. It was refreshing. She was so different but she’s also a part of me. It feels good to remember.

As for that guy from my other post, the one I said I don’t want to see, well, he was there. And he was so damn fine, might I add. But anyway, we didn’t talk much, and I didn’t care either. He became a total douche and asshole when it came to women. I mean, he’s a great friend and all, and his liberated attitude goes along well with mine (we’ll be a total disaster together hahaha), but he ended up becoming a player. A nosy friend of mine told me that in that first reunion a few weeks ago, that guy (let’s just call him Guy A for the time being) was getting frisky with this girl he just met on that day, and when the girl was getting too clingy he said, “It was just a game, and the game’s over.” Dude, do you think you’re shooting a movie or something? Hahaha anyway, Guy A is a total douche, but he was hot. I could forgive him for that. As someone I know said, “Treat me like a cheap girl!” Lol I wouldn’t mind. I love games anyway. :)

(Okay some people I know might raise their eyebrows when they hear me saying that hahahaha.)

And hey, turns out grade school Jonalyn was really popular. Half the boys there admitted of liking me at some point in time. And yes, Guy A admitted it too. Not that it changed anything. I just realized I was so over him for a long time now.

After a few bottles of alcohol, we decided to play Spin the Bottle because I won’t stop complaining about how bored I am. Well, I wouldn’t go over the details, but let’s just say a lot happened there. That’s just the kind of game my high school friends would never be caught playing. We were a bit tipsy and I could already feel the effects of alcohol. They couldn’t believe that I could drink so much and kept on asking me if I was really alright. I think that they all had this notion that UP students just study all the time, when in reality we party harder than anyone else hahaha.

And there was this other guy. (Let’s call him Guy J.) I had a huge crush on him back in the day. We didn’t even talk for the last two years of grade school because it was so awkward lol, but now he wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. He said that I gave him a Valentine’s card back then which he still kept back at home. I can’t believe I was so tacky back then! Huhu it’s so embarrassing to remember.

Anyway, Guy J and I um… how can I phrase this… uhh we have a thing. And it was so weird. Really though. I couldn’t believe that we hit it off last night. Well the alcohol certainly helped, but he won’t stop chatting me up in Facebook so I don’t think it’s just the alcohol talking. Or maybe it’s my skills talking? Hahahaha okay forget I said that. (What am I going to do with myself seriously.) But I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now, and honestly I don’t think he does. It would never work anyway. It’s all in good fun.

So, that’s what happened last night. Wishing that we’ll have another reunion sometime soon. I’m missing them already. :) 

my insecurity knows no bounds